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For example, many other businesses were impacted by this outage because they had deployed their services into a single Amazon "region," contrary to recommendation. Often customers choose not to opt into certain web hosting services on grounds of cost or that they just did not know they existed. Therein lies the rub. Although hosting clients are starting to get more of a handle on SLAs, detail often goes unexplained. AWS SLAs, for instance, work quite differently to other hosting companies --in that they have different agreements depending on the specific components, such as web server, storage and database --which goes to show how complicated they can be. Businesses need a helping hand to understand what they are buying into. Think about it. For companies that do operate on a standard SLA set-up, the 0.1 per cent of "allowed" downtime really equates to 43 minutes per month, or nearly nine hours per year. Imagine if that downtime occurred for a high-street retailer during Black Friday or Boxing Day sales, or for a travel company at peak holiday booking season.

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Mr Valls was himself defeated in the race for the Socialist candidacy. But instead of backing the man who won, Benoit Hamon, the former prime minister announced on Wednesday that backing Mr Macron was the responsible position to take, because of the risk of giving the presidency to the right or far right. "I don't think you take risks for the Republic. So I will vote for Emmanuel Macron," he said. "France's best interests go beyond the rules of a primary." All you need to know about Fillon inquiry Mr Valls met Socialist MPs on Tuesday night to explain his position, and he has rejected accusations of betraying his own party. While not the first senior party figure to back Emmanuel Macron, he is seen as the biggest name so far. Defence Minister Yves Le Drian and a handful of junior ministers have already given the centrist their support. Mr Macron served as economy minister in Mr Valls's Socialist government but left to fight for the presidency with his own movement En Marche! (On the move).

The footwear retailer's shares were down 15% premarket on Friday after reporting earnings of $0.50 per share, missing the forecast for $0.70 according to Bloomberg. Sales at stores open for at least one year fell 4.5%, which was worse than analysts expected. Net sales topped expectations. In the earnings release , CEO Sam Sato outlined problems that many traditionalretailers would be able to identify with.In one sentence, consumer habitsare changing and the overall retail landscape is in decline, so retailers are responding by slashing prices but that's denting their margins. Here's Sato (emphasis added): "As elements of our footwear offering did not resonate with our customers as we expected and the overall retail environment in February became increasingly difficult, we made the decision to get more aggressive on pricing to be competitive and clear slow moving product. While this allowed us to end fiscal 2017 with clean รองเท้าส้นเตารีด facebook inventory levels, it put significant pressure on fourth quarter product margins. We know we must improve the execution of our merchandise strategies to drive increased full price selling and fuel sustained comparable sales growth. At the same time, we are confident that the numerous operational improvements we made throughout the past year have created a more efficient company with a stronger foundation to support enhanced profitability and increased shareholder value over the long-term." Finish Line found that people did not buy the same sneakers they may have wanted in the past. The growth of athleisure, and how companies from Amazon to Under Armour are trying to cash in, serves as another illustration of how companies are adapting to changing tastes.Additionally, consumers are doing much more shopping online and less at physical stores. View photos More (Seph Lawless) Sato also described the "overall retail environment" asbecoming difficult in February, although the industry had been in turmoil long before that. Consumers are doing much more of their shopping online and less at malls, hurting brands that have traditionally relied on foot traffic.

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