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Companies across multiple industriesbeauty, consumer goods and pharmaceuticalsare battling to stake a claim in the skin-care business, which is highly coveted because of its crossover appeal as both a medical and beauty product.In 2015, Unilever purchased four skin-care brands, including Ren and Murad, while Nestle last year formed a joint venture with the maker of Proactiv, one of the worlds top-selling acne treatments. What you can see in the skin-care marketin the U.S., Asia and Europeis that people are looking for brands that are recommended by health professionals, Brigitte Liberman, president of LOreals Active Cosmetics Division, said in an interview. Skin care is now the beauty industrys largest category, accounting for a quarter of the market, but growth has begun to cool in recent years. The price paid by LOreal looks high, but the deal will clearly strengthen the position of LOreals Active Cosmetics division in the U.S., said Hermine de Bentzmann, an analyst at brokerage house Raymond James in Paris. She added that the deal would double the units revenue in the North American market, where it made only 12% of its sales in 2015. LOreal shares fell 0.26% to 171.35 ($181.17) in midday trading in Paris. CeraVe offers ครีมหน้าใส pantip a range of skin-care products including cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens, as well as a baby line. It is one of the fastest-growing skin-care brands in the U.S., averaging 20% annual growth over the past two years, LOreal said. LOreal said the three brands would stand alongside the likes of Vichy, La Roche-Posay and SkinCeuticals in its Active Cosmetics division, which has been growing in recent quarters, boosted by strong performances in North America and Latin America.

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