She was ready to tell the captain a few things about the way he was piloting the plane. Kitty Felde Kitty Felde's kitty, Cricket, who once played the role of airline escape artist, relaxes at home. Tucked snugly under the seat in front of Felde, Cricket had wedged her deft little paw out of the soft, strappy carrier and pushed the zipper open while her mom napped. She then apparently wandered up the aisle as if to say, Yes, you may all adore me. The flight attendant did not appreciate it, Felde said. In hindsight, Felde would have given Cricket as much stimulation as possible before the flight, she said, to make relaxing onboard much easier. Shutterstock Test your pet's carrier well before your trip to prevent escapes. 4. Create pawsitive experiences with the pet carrier. Cats especially associate that carrier with a trip to the veterinarian, said Kim Salerno, president and founder of .

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A photo published in the online Hollywood publication showed Trump's name scratched out, the emblem in the middle dislodged and chips from the star missing. The Republican presidential nominee, real estate developer and reality TV star has been the focus of several large protests during his campaign appearances in California, where polls show he is trailing far behind Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The former host of the NBC show "The Apprentice," Trump received his Walk of Fame star in 2007. A spokeswoman for Trump could not be reached immediately for comment. Los Angeles Police do not have a suspect or motive and the investigation into the vandalism, discovered at around 6 a.m. local time on Wednesday, is ongoing, said spokeswoman Norma Eisenman. said a man who identified himself to the publication as Jamie Oatis damaged the star with a sledgehammer. Reuters could not immediately confirm the report. It was not immediately clear if the vandalism was done in reaction to Trump's presidential campaign. He has offended many voters and some other Republican candidates with inflammatory rhetoric about minorities and women. In the summer, a street artist erected a tiny wall around the star, complete with miniature American flags and barbed wire.