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But if they find a way into Canada, they can apply for refugee status there. It's an avenue that has spurred north illegal migrants in the United States, especially Somalis settled in Minnesota, which shares a land border with Manitoba. After pricey taxi rides to North Dakota, many like Ismail walk for hours in darkness and -20 C (-4F) temperatures to dimly lit Emerson, in the shadow of the bright glare of the international border crossing. The lucky migrants get rides dropping them off less than a mile from Noyes, Minnesota, within sight of Emerson's southern edge. From there they duck under a metal crossing-arm gate, walk across the border and often use their own cellphones to dial police. Others are dropped 30 or more kilometers (19 miles) from the border, and follow rail lines into Emerson, crossing a border marked in most areas only by scattered concrete boundary markers. Faye Suderman, a four-decade Emerson resident, said she is sympathetic but draws a line between those fleeing persecution and those who have simply run out of chances in the United States: "How difficult is it to get rid of those people and give help to those truly in need?" Emerson Cafe manager Jacquelyn Reimer, who has fed shivering asylum seekers for free, wondered why the Canadian government is helping refugees when the country has its own homeless problem. "We can't even take care of our own," she said. MAKESHIFT BEDS, NUTELLA SANDWICHES Due to its border-hugging location, Emerson's encounters with migrants are not new, but the scale of their arrivals is. In the first two months of 2017, 143 mainly Somali people walked illegally over the border into Emerson, representing 40 percent of Manitoba's full-year total in 2015/16. Quebec and British Columbia are the two other major illegal crossing points, but police there refused to provide data.

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