Richard Guido, business manager for Unite Here Local 10, grew up in the garment industry as a marker, grader and cutter. (Ginger Adams Otis/New York Daily News) Listen, the point of doing business in this city and paying 13.5% in taxes is to be here in this district, said Bud Konheim, co-founder of Nicole Miller. Our workforce can get here, our buyers can get here, we can run out and grab what we need from the streets. It doesnt make any business sense to uproot from this and if we do, we can go someplace like Florida, where the weathers better, we dont have the traffic and were not paying a 13.5% tax. A few blocks away at Steinlauf & Stoller, owner Dan Stoller, 29, has inherited the sewing shop started by his grandfather in 1947. We are pretty much a foot traffic business. So if the foot traffic moves, we would feel it, said Stoller, as he fixed a zipper for a customer. We deal with Broadway a lot and also the fashion world, but other people, too. Im not behind this idea of moving I think its a bad plan. A cutter at work at Nicole Millers Garment District headquarters. (Ginger Adams Otis/New York Daily News) His concerns are echoed by James Yoo, who took over New York Elegant Fabrics from his parents, South Korean immigrants who came to work in the Garment District. Theater and Broadway in general is a huge part of our business one of the biggest clients we have. TV is here a lot, too; we get a lot of designers from shows like Boardwalk Empire and Gotham, said Yoo.

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Voters also appear to be switching from the anti-EU UKIP party, which helped campaign for Brexit, to May's Conservatives, which will likely deliver it. "The announcement of a snap election has clearly focused the minds of the electorate," said James Crouch at pollster Opinium. In two other polls, May's Conservatives also gained ground in Scotland at the expense of the Scottish National Party, potentially weakening the nationalists' demand for another independence referendum. May has already warned her party not to take victory for granted, a message that was echoed by pollsters on Saturday. "While no political party could ever object to breaching the 50 percent barrier for the first time this century, this spectacular headline result masks a real danger for the Tories," said ComRes Chairman Andrew Hawkins. "The fact that six in ten voters believe Labour cannot win under Corbyns leadership bring with it the threat of complacency among Tory (Conservative) voters who may be tempted to sit at home on June 8th and let others deliver the result they expect." According to polls by Opinium, ComRes and YouGov, May's Conservatives held a lead of between 19 and 25 percentage points, with the party's support ranging from 45 percent to 50 percent. Having repeatedly denied that she would call an election, May is now also poised to announce a raft of policy proposals more commonly associated with the left-leaning Labour party, according to the Sunday Times. The newspaper said the Conservatives would pledge to protect workers' rights and cap more household energy prices in a bid to help those hit by rising inflation and muted wage growth. If the polls are correct, the Conservatives could secure a once-in-a-generation victory that will realign the British political landscape. According to the polls, Labour has lost its reputation as the party that would best protect the National Health Service - once its strongest claim. The improved Conservative fortunes across the country have also spread to Scotland, where First Minister Nicola Sturgeon's Scottish National Party, or SNP, has stepped up calls for a second independence referendum.

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