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We take you from the bottom of South East Asia to the tip-top of Africa. Pyramids, beaches, mosques, volcanoes and more are all ripe for the taking! Get ready to peep Pyramids, beaches, mosques, volcanoes and more! Bali Best for: dreamy beaches, romance and meditation, spiritual retreats Why 2017: This South East Asian destination boasts some of the best Yoga studios in the world! Filled with rich cultural heritage, Bali is the ideal spot for those who love nature and the beautiful sea. Hit List: Relax on the black sand beaches, indulge inworld-class surfing and diving, explore the jungles and volcanoes, Buddhist temples or indulge your spirit in one of the many Yoga and mental health retreats that run rampant on the island. Barcelona Best for: Food and art Why 2017: Well with all of the fantastic world-wide events happening in this colorful Spanish city it has become a top tourist destination in recent history! Hit List: Get drunk and full off of fresh tapas and delicious sangria. Relax on many of the pristine and lush beaches! Check out the free Magic Fountains of Montjuic and get ready to eat your heart out at all of the diverse eye candy that the country offers.

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